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What WPPI Las Vegas Is All About

February 4, 2010

I’ve submitted a video in a contest that WPPI is throwing. It grants the winner V.I.P. registration, a hotel room, and national exposure for simply giving their favorite reasons they enjoy WPPI. Awesome contest.

But, this post is more than my announcement of my video. I wanted to encourage other photographers who have never heard or gone to WPPI to check out this big convention. This year they will be celebrating their 30th year, so it’ll definitely be a fun and momentous event. WPPI stands for Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, an association that serves to bring photographers together on a forum where they can learn from each other and help each other out. In short, it’s a massive community you should try to tap into. The event starts on March 4 and goes until the 11th. To learn more about who they are and how you can register visit their site here:

If you can, share some love and support on my video. Hope to see you guys there! 🙂


A Site To Behold

February 2, 2010

Today my business turned four and to celebrate I gave my website and brand an entire makeover. There was a lot of difficulty getting my site live as planned this morning, so thank you for your patience. I’ve also redirected my blog temporarily to this one until I get my new one up again, which will hopefully be very soon.

In case you didn’t get the memo, you’re invited to my anniversary cyberspace party so come and hang out there. 😉 Everything on the site changed to fit my redefined and refreshed brand. You’ll find tons of new photos in easy-to-navigate galleries and lots of other fun things to explore. Here are some facts about the site:

1. There are over 800 photos, in some shape or form, to look at
2. There are exactly 52 pages to explore. Seems a little overwhelming, but I’ve made it very interactive to keep you entertained
3. It ties in my personal work and my travels alongside my wedding and lifestyle portraits
4. You can find out a lot about me and how that naturally flows into my work
5. It took 184 hours to design the site over a span of 23 days

Also, the winners of my launch contest congratulations to you and please send me your mailing address so I can give you a check and a special gift for helping spread the word:

1. Julio Chaparro
2. Afa Misa
3. Joy Johnson
4. Gary Lui
5. Dan Lowman

Grant my anniversary wish and send me your feedback. Let me know your thoughts on the new site, improvements you liked seeing, or things you wished you saw more of. Now, go and have fun exploring!

Blessed to be sharing this with you,
Jen May

New Blog!

January 26, 2010

That’s right. I’ve redesigned it AGAIN, but this time it’s seamless with my website. Below is a screen shot of my new blog, but you’ll have a lot more fun if you head on over to:

A Sneak Peek Into A Pasadena Wedding

January 25, 2010

Before I retire to bed from a full weekend in L.A. I am eager to share with you a peek into yesterday’s wedding. Below are 2 images that begin a long list of my favorites from Dane & Sami’s big day. If these two photos aren’t enough for you, then you can reflect back on their engagement session until I post up more from the wedding 🙂

A Sneak Peek To Next Monday *Correction…it’s 2 Mondays from now :)

January 18, 2010

Above is a peek into my new website that I’m launching next Monday. You can see I’ve updated my logo, as well, which is a cleaner and sharper look. The website incorporates many changes I’ve been wanting to make and significantly improves my brand by simply being more me: playful, artistic, and professional. I don’t know if it’s the wet weather in California, but I’m so excited to share the complete site that I’ve been jumping in puddles and running in the rain. Things you can expect on February 1st:

1. Full Screen Photos

2. New Blog

3. A New Photo Service (that I also can’t wait to announce!)

4. Did I mention a brand new website with TONS to look through?

5. The selection of 5 winners who have been helping to spread the word. There’s still time to enter the contest and win:

Oh, it’s going to be lovely. Until then, let’s enjoy the start of this new week by celebrating and remembering the greatness of Martin Luther King, Jr., “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

In The Meantime, Teach

January 15, 2010

When things slow down for me I find opportunities to teach in after-school programs. For one, it gets me away from my desk; and two, it gives me good reasons to brush up on education and learn new things. I mean this in a very practical way. Before I taught my first photography class to high school students I needed to figure out how to break down the concepts of the what’s and how-to’s of camera techniques, lighting, and composition. This all was overwhelming in the beginning, but there’s so much clarity when you put things down on paper and communicate and demonstrate something to someone else.

Of course, I’m just stating the obvious here, but what wasn’t so obvious was discovering the doors it would lead me to and to such things I, at first, didn’t know I would like: speaking on career day, incorporating custom videos into my lessons, or putting together an art show for my student’s parents and friends. It was a fantastic experience.

Here’s a video from last spring when I taught a photography class with a non-profit that had me at three different high schools, one of which was North Hollywood. This is a promo video shared with families of the program at a school event. I share this with you now, because I’ve finally come around to it and I’ve recently began teaching again.

A Contest! Yes!

January 11, 2010

People get ready…

3 Mondays from now I’ll be launching a brand new website, brand new blog, and brand new look. If you’ve seen my current website, then you’ve noticed that I need to update it with fresh photos. I am embarrassed to admit that my site only has images from the year 2008. That’s right, not even anything from last year! I’ve made up for that lack by blogging images from recent shoots as they come on this little thing that you’re reading, so please don’t blacklist me! 😀

During the holidays I put out a survey to get an idea of what gets readers like you coming back to my blog and website on a somewhat regular basis. The majority of you pointed out that contests are highly favorable, so instead of offering a free photo session or a discounted certificate for a photo session I’ve decided to give away money. Yes, money. This makes the contest more accessible to those outside of California. I know this is exciting news, so here’s how it’s going to work.

From now until February 1st, I’ll be giving away $10 to 5 selected persons. Some of you may be saying, “That’s not a lot of money.” Well, you’re not really losing anything except for a few minutes to enter the contest, so for those who want $10 to your name here’s how you enter.


1. Post the image below on your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, or a blog. Make sure you tag me so I know you’ve done it. I have a Facebook fan page and I’m @jenmayzie on Twitter. E-mail me your blog link that you’ve posted the image on or your Myspace link.

2. After you’ve posted this online paste the following caption below it (or as a tweet):

I’ve entered a contest to win $10. The top 5 winners will be selected on February 1st. You can enter the contest here:

3. Each post you do counts as a new entry into the contest, but make sure I know about it 🙂

4. Check back on the website on February 1st to see if you’ve won.

5. 5 winners chosen at random will receive a $10 check in the mail. Easy win with no catch!


I’ve entered a contest to win $10. The top 5 winners will be selected on February 1st. You can enter the contest here: