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"Same Same But Different" Rooms of Thailand

August 22, 2009

There’s this phrase I’ve heard used in Thailand and Cambodia where a seller explains to a buyer that the item/price they’re looking at is, “Same same, but different.” As I think about it now I realize that I don’t fully understand that phrase, but I know it’s a simple way of cutting corners in a conversation when you just want to shop.

During my week in Thailand I stayed at four different places each with it’s own unique characteristics. The first was the guest house at Ko Samet. I don’t remember the name of the place, because we dropped in on it during our search after arriving on the island. It was nothing special to me and the towels we used had holes in them.

Another hotel we stayed at in the city of Bangkok was The Key hotel. I felt very comfortable staying there, because of their invitation to take advantage of their hotel services. Such as having a fridge and a microwave to use, free wi-fi, or free shampoo and body soap. You can use a towel (with no holes), throw it on the floor and get a new one in the morning. Although, that’s not a very green thing to do.

We also stayed at this other hotel called the Miami Hotel. I didn’t include any photos of this place, because I refused to take any. It was dirty and scary. The halls look like you’re in a haunted school and everything in the room hasn’t been changed since the 70’s. We even found a blood stain on our curtain. (Ok, maybe I should’ve taken photos for kicks). It was not our choice to stay there, but a friend of a friend booked the rooms for us without knowing that the hotel is rundown.

The last we stayed at was a hostel called Refill Now, a place I wanted to stay at from the beginning of the trip but didn’t get to until the last couple of days. I loved it so much that I made a video tour for you to see (at the bottom of this post). The entire hostel is naturally well-lit in the day, because it’s encased with tall windows. You’re asked to take off your shoes when you enter your floor, because of the cleanliness inside the rooms. It felt like I was stepping into a pop-culture spread, because the decor and even our room keys was purposely designed to be a Japanese/modern-trendy style. The place inspired me to want to develop and manage a hostel one day. Not sure where I’d like to have it, yet, but all my blog readers will get 15% off their room if they book through me. 🙂

Ko Samet
Guest House at Ko Samet, Single Bedroom w/ shower and cable t.v.,
a block from the beach, $12/night ($6 if sharing with a friend)

The Key Hotel in Bangkok, western upscale style, kitchenette,
cable t.v., $40/night ($20 if sharing with a friend)

Thailand- Refill Now Hostel
Refill Now Hostel in Bangkok (my all-time fave hostel), 6 female dorm, shared bath,
personal locker, very clean and chic, pop-culture inspired, $14/night

Thailand- Refill Now Hostel
Lounge, cafe, and wi-fi area

Thailand- Refill Now Hostel
Outdoor swimming pool area and front entrance sign

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  1. Kimiya permalink
    August 31, 2009 6:32 am

    instead of 15% off by booking through you, can i upgrade to merely a small framed print of the photo you captured of that robot-esque little guy dangling from your locker keychain. You are so fun Jen May! what an adventure you must be having. You sound like the bestest travel companion! when i grow up I wanna be like you! ~kimiya

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