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The Shootsac- Review

September 17, 2009

Know how it’s sometimes funny to discover that you’re matching with someone else? Well, how about when your camera bag matches with the hotel’s pillowcases? I think that rarely happens expect it did with me at my last wedding. I was rocking my new cover of my Shootsac bag and it was a lovely surprise to see the design again after I placed my bag down in the bride’s room.

The Shootsac is a bag designed for photographers who want to carry something fashionable, but definitely useful and mobile for a quick-moving photographer. Over the summer they were great enough to sponsor my Inspiration workshop and donated a free Shootsac to one of my guests (congrats, Carol!). When you flip the cover, which is also interchangeable so you can have a different design if you’d like, you’ll find perfect size pockets to slip your lens in. It’s holds them securely and without too much resistance when pulling them out. There are also pockets on the back of the bag that you can put your phone, batteries, cards, car keys, or whatever else you usually carry with you when you’re shooting a photo session or a long wedding day.

I’ve been using the bag for almost 2 years and still love it. If you’re looking for a new camera bag Shootsac may be your best option.


My Shootsac is next to the blue pillow to the right of the photo, just in case it’s too hard to find 😉
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