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Guestbook Albums- Spotlight

October 1, 2009

I find it odd that I’ve never shared any of my album designs online…I design as much as I photograph! This weekend I’ll be heading up to Mammoth Lakes to cover a destination wedding that I’ve been waiting all year to do. Spotlighted is the couple’s guestbook album that features their favorite photos from their engagement session.

All of my wedding collections include an album just like this one where you can customize the cover of your album and choose the images that you want in it. It’s a wonderful addition to your wedding day that’ll give your guests something nice to sign in and a book that you’ll enjoy looking through for many years.

Guestbook Album
Album comes with a black cloth sleeve that protects it if you store it

Guestbook Album
They chose a wine color for their cover with silver, goudy coursive font

Guestbook Album
Opening page

Guestbook Album
Page 2-3

Guestbook Album
Page 4-5

Guestbook Album
Page 6-7

Guestbook Album
Page 8-9

Guestbook Album
Page 10-11

Guestbook Album
Page 12-13

Guestbook Album
Page 14-15

Guestbook Album
Page 16-17

Guestbook Album
Page 18-19

Guestbook Album
Closing page

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