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Photographers Giving Back

November 14, 2009


This holiday season photographers around the world will be giving back to those in need on December 12. The event is called Help-Portrait and it’s the first time something like this is being coordinated. Those who have never gotten the chance to get their portrait taken before will finally have the opportunity. To find out more about what this is all about you may visit my Help-Portrait page or their site.

Help-Portrait is not about building our portfolio or giving away “free” photos. It’s a time to celebrate love. Each person in need who gets their photo taken at the event will be receiving a free print-out of their portrait, but truly it’s much more than that. It’s experiencing others serving them. It’s creating an atmosphere of encouragement and care. It’s eating together. Having fun together. Sharing with one another.

Currently, there are a couple of groups in L.A. and tonight I’ve added another location as an additional helping hand to reach out in our large city. This past year I’ve began hosting photographer shootouts as a way for photographers to practice their creativity at different locations and to meet others who enjoy doing the same. Instead of doing another one next month I’ve decided that participating at this event would be much more fulfilling.

We will be having our first meeting next Friday, November 20, at 8 p.m. I haven’t figured out the location, yet, but I will have one soon. Until we meet up much will be in the works! To stay updated or to get involved please join the Help-Portrait L.A. community and please fill out our volunteer form at:

Stay inspired. Live to Love.

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