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A Reason To Smile- Spotlight

December 23, 2009

This morning while I was editing the rest of the engagement photos from yesterday’s sneak peek I felt the euphoria that photographers often encounter. It’s a sort of satisfaction that comes from creating images that arrive with a story. It’s called comfort, a reassurance that I’m doing something that’s meant to be.

I’m not surprised that no one asks me why people are smiling in a photo. It’s expected that you should look happy or at your best in front of the camera, but images are just split-second stills.  There is life happening between the shots…like laughter in different volumes…which leads us to wonder, “Why are they laughing?” A part of capturing those shots is a spree of encouragement, an invitation for your subject(s) to feel not just themselves, but to feel celebrated and that’s something to enjoy and have fun with.

On some occasions, I’ll share a meal after a photo session to get to know my clients better or simply because we all don’t want the party to end. Thinking back at all those I’ve shared this experience with inspired me on a new year’s project. Right now it’s just a thought, an idea to take photos of people everyday for an entire month in exchange for a meal. You can rest assured that I’m not a starving artist (tee hee), but someone who wants to feature stories of good company centered around a photo session.

Since I’m in love with Google Docs I make spreadsheets and forms as often as I can. It seemed fitting for me to survey you guys and see who’s interested in helping me see this project to fulfillment. Want a photo session? Sign-up here and tell me what you think:

I’ll leave this post with a photo of my sister from a series I took during Thanksgiving week.


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