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1. Post the image below on your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, or a blog. Make sure you tag me so I know you’ve done it. I have a Facebook fan page and I’m @jenmayzie on Twitter. E-mail me your blog link that you’ve posted the image on or your Myspace link.

2. After you’ve posted this online paste the following caption below it (or as a tweet):

I’ve entered a contest to win $10. The top 5 winners will be selected on February 1st. You can enter the contest here:

3. Each post you do counts as a new entry into the contest, but make sure I know about it 🙂

4. Check back on the website on February 1st to see if you’ve won.

5. 5 winners chosen at random will receive a $10 check in the mail. Easy win with no catch!



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